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  • S4 E10: Privacy in Peril II from the PACC-CCAP Conference

    Privacy in Peril at the Canadian Privacy Conference

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 10 | Spying, lying, denying, and the dangers of passive consent with privacy experts Michael Geist and Sharon Polsky, who join Edwin at the Canadian Privacy and Data Governance Conference in Ottawa.

  • Special Event: Edwin Black on IBM and the Holocaust at PACC-CCAP Conference

    Special Event: Edwin Black Keynote on IBM and the Holocaust

    Air Date: | Edwin Black delivers the keynote at Canada's PACC-CAPP’s Privacy and Data Governance Conference in Ottawa: "IBM and the Holocaust--It Began with a Privacy Breach and Ended in Auschwitz"

  • S4 E09: Woodrow Wilson

    Woodrow Wilson—National Racist or Global Peacemaker?

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 9 | He sent American troops to Europe to fight in a needless war to “save the world for democracy,” ensured self-determination for colonized peoples, won the Nobel Peace Prize, re-segregated the US to “put Black people in their place,” uplifted the Klan, and then disappeared, his wife Edith acting as president. He—and she—changed the world forever. Who was Wilson? Historian Chris Lovett joins Edwin.
    Show Topics: US History

  • Purim 2023/5783 and Edwin's birthday hiatus

    The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus this week (March 2)

    Air Date: | The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus this week. We’ll be back on March 9 with a show focusing on the current crime wave. Edwin, Carol, and Team Black wish everyone a Happy Purim. While we're away, please enjoy this encore presentation of “Israel's Occupation: The Making of a Myth,” S3 E22.
    Show Topics: Hiatus

  • S4 E08: Crime Wave

    Crime Wave

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 8 | How Society Can Fight Back Urban marauders, retail theft gangs, random violence, anti-Asian and anti-Jewish crimes, carjackings—can we fight back? Michael Moore of The Vigilance Group joins Edwin to go bold.
    Show Topics: American Society, Crime

  • S4 E07: Unanswered Questions X

    Unanswered Questions X

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 7 | Edwin takes on some unanswered—and still burning—questions. Almost every episode, we run out of time before we run out of questions. We save them, and these episodes give us a chance to address topics such as history, the state of journalism, WWIII, energy, eugenics, current affairs, and more. Edwin will also be accepting questions live via the Zoom Q&A. Join us for another no-holds-barred, nothing-off-the-table session.

  • Special Events: Edwin Black Leadership Briefings in Los Angeles, Feb 21-23, 2023

    Special Events: Leadership Briefings in Los Angeles

    Air Date: | Edwin Black visits Los Angeles for leadership briefings, February 21–23, 2023.
    Show Topics: Special Events

  • Farhud for Project Witness, Feb 2023

    Special Event: Edwin Black on the Farhud for Project Witness

    Air Date: | Edwin Black brings brings an important part of the Holocaust to light: the Farhud (violent dispossession), two days of frightful violence, looting, and murder visited on the Jews of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities on Shauvot of 1941, June 1–2. Based on his book of the same name. The Holocaust is often perceived as a primarily European phenomenon, and the travails of the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa are often forgotten. Project Witness is helping change that with its program for educators, “The Untold Plight: The Sephardic Communities in the Holocaust.”
    Show Topics: Farhud, Antisemitism

  • S4 E06: The China Threat Part II

    The China Threat Part II

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 6 | Trial balloons overhead, multimillion-dollar infiltration of our politics, policing stations on US territory, implants across college campuses, strategic land purchases in the heartland, insertion into our phones and computers. A proclaimed goal to dominate the world by 2035. What’s happening and how soon? Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow Josh Block joins Edwin to pinpoint the threats.
    Show Topics: China

  • Edwin Black on Eugenics from Long Island to Auschwitz for JHU Bioethics

    Special Event: Edwin Black on Eugenics from Long Island to Auschwitz for JHU Bioethics

    Air Date: | Edwin Black returns to JHU to present “American Eugenics: From Long Island to Auschwitz,” based on his award-winning War Against the Weak. By academic invitation only for the Biotechnology Department’s Bioethics Course, part of the Master of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Program.