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  • July 27 Travel Hiatus -- an El Al plane against a blue sky with puffy white clouds

    The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus this week (Jul 27)

    Air Date: | The show is on hiatus this week because Edwin and Carol are leaving returning on a jet plane. We’ll be back on August 3 with an in-depth examination of the crisis surrounding Israel’s judicial reform. While we’re away, please take another look at “The Uyghur Genocide—The World Is Not Watching,” S2 E18.
    Show Topics: Hiatus

  • S4 E24: Israeli Judicial Reform

    Israeli Judicial Reform

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 24 | Judicial reform is tearing Israel apart—to the point of possible civil war. Outside forces and media are continuously stoking the flames. Legal experts Avi Bell, Alan Dershowitz, and Nathan Lewin plus history scholar Sam Edelman join Edwin to uncover the facts and spell out exactly what's at stake.

  • S4 E23: Live from Jerusalem

    Live from Jerusalem!

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 23 | Join Edwin, JNS Bureau Chief Alex Traiman, Brandeis Center President Alyza Lewin, international jurist Avi Bell, and Mideast scholar Harold Rhode for insider insights into Israel—live from the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem.
    Show Topics: Israel

  • Special Event: Tel Aviv Leadership Briefings, 18 Jul 2023

    Special Event: Jewish Leadership Briefings, Tel Aviv

    Air Date: | Edwin presents briefings for Jewish leadership, Tel Aviv.  By invitation only
    Show Topics: Special Events

  • Special Event: Ken on Threats, Tel Aviv Edition

    Special Event: Ken on Threats, Tel Aviv Edition

    Air Date: | Ken Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, articulates the dire threats facing Israel in a special edition of the show recorded in Tel Aviv.
    Show Topics: Special Events, Israel

  • Independence Day 2023 Hiatus

    The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus this week (Jul 6)

    Air Date: | The show is on hiatus for Independence Day; we'll be back on July 13th. Edwin, Carol, and Team Black wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. While we're away, please check out “How Free is Free Speech?” S3 E17.
    Show Topics: Hiatus

  • S4 E22: Unanswered Questions XII

    Unanswered Questions XII

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 22 | Edwin takes on some unanswered—and still burning—questions. Almost every episode, we run out of time before we run out of questions. We save them, and these episodes give us a chance to address topics such as current affairs, history, automation and AI, energy, eugenics, antisemitism, and more. He will also be accepting new questions via the Zoom Q&A. Join us for another no-holds-barred, nothing-off-the-table session.

  • S4 E21: Vintage Boys for 4th of July

    The Vintage Boys Are Back for Independence Day 2023

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 21 | The Vintage Boys—Ken Abramowitz, Shel Freilich, Joshua London, Jeff Morgan, and Zalmi Unsdorfer—are back to help Edwin observe the Fourth of July. Join us as we toast the 247th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, accompanied by the usual reasoned discussions of current events, history, and the most appropriate libations for the occasion.
    Show Topics: Vintage Boys

  • S4 E20: Bold Authors

    Bold Authors

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 20 | Edwin spotlights four bold works along with their authors: Rachel Ehrenfeld’s The Soros Agenda; Charles Jacobs’s and Avi Goldwasser’s Betrayal; Wayne Johnson’s The Witch Tree; and Max Wallace’s After The Miracle.
    Show Topics: Books and Authors

  • S4 E19: The Fall of the American Empire?

    The Fall of the American Empire?

    Air Date: - Season 4 - Episode 19 | Is this the generation that will witness the end of the grand experiment in government of, for, and by the people … and the disappearance of America from the world stage? Geopolitical observer Yossie Hollander, ethics analyst Faye Lincoln, and historian Chris Lovett join Edwin.