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Edwin Black carefully dissects the historical underpinnings of Israel and International for Southern Methodist University’s Embrey Center for Human Rights, one of America’s premier training grounds for human rights leaders.

Edwin Black traces the historical underpinnings of Israel and International Law, a deep dive that will completely reshape and revitalize one's understanding of Israel, the Mideast, the Arab-Israel conflict, and how international law does or does not intersect. This one presentation will change everything, and empower everyone who cares about Israel.

Judicial reform is tearing Israel apart—to the point of possible civil war. Outside forces and media are continuously stoking the flames.

Legal experts Avi Bell, Alan Dershowitz, and Nathan Lewin plus history scholar Sam Edelman join Edwin to uncover the facts and spell out exactly what's at stake.

Join Edwin, JNS Bureau Chief Alex Traiman, Brandeis Center President Alyza Lewin, international jurist Avi Bell, and Mideast scholar Harold Rhode for insider insights into Israel—live from the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem.

Ken Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, articulates the dire threats facing Israel in a special edition of the show recorded in Tel Aviv.

Yom HaGirush, November 30, commemorates the coordinated expulsion of Jews from Arab nations. After the 1948 founding of the modern state of Israel, most Arab nations followed the Nazi model of dispossessing and expelling their Jewish populations, planning to overload Israel’s ability to take them in. Some 850,000 men, women, and children were ejected—often with only the clothes on their backs. Many have forgotten. We have not. Mideast scholar Mordechai Kedar and Gulf States Senior Rabbi Elie Abadie join Edwin.

An Insider Briefing for Tampa Jewish Leadership

Edwin Black answers your questions about Iran’s Nuclear Program, Antisemitism in America, Israel and Palestinians, the state of American Jewry, Zionism and Judaism, plus the hot-button issues of the day.

By invitation only.

Edwin Black visits Congregation Kol Ami to speak on the historical underpinnings of Israel and International Law.

Edwin Black brings an in-depth presentation on the historical underpinnings of Israel to American University.

Iran is very close to assembling five nuclear weapons for launch. Israel has promised to destroy Iran’s program—and soon. When will the standoff become the showdown, impacting the world forever? Foreign policy expert and Iran watcher Josh Block joins Edwin.