Yom HaGirush 2023: Where Next?

After the establishment of Israel, Arab nations stripped their Jewish citizens of their property, funds, and citizenship, and expelled them. Will this happen next in Dagestan? Moscow? New York City?

Rabbi Elie Abadie and ZOA-MI President Sheldon Freilich join Edwin for another look at the horrid possibilities, Rabbi Manes Kogan provides additional reporting, and Nathan Lewin updates us on the lawsuit recently filed by the Brandeis Center against UC Berkeley.

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27 Nov 2023
At Hillcrest HS in Queens, NY, students rioted after discovering that a teacher had expressed support for Israel on her personal social media and attended a pro-Israel rally. In a separate incident the previous week, students attacked the school resource officer. Local elected and Jewish leaders officials are demanding accountability from the Department of Education and the city.

There are numerous observances of Yom HaGirush today; here is one from StandWithUs.