Appears in these episodes:

Edwin presets a briefing for leadership on Israel, the Israel-Hamas War, International Law, and Antisemitism at the Norman Jewish Library in Tampa.

Edwin and special guest Ken Abramowitz join Chabad of USF for their Welcome-Back-to-Campus Shabbat, to include an insider briefing for students on Israel, the Hamas War, International Law, and Antisemitism.

After the establishment of Israel, Arab nations stripped their Jewish citizens of their property, funds, and citizenship, and expelled them. Will this happen next in Dagestan? Moscow? New York City?

Rabbi Elie Abadie and ZOA-MI President Sheldon Freilich join Edwin for another look at the horrid possibilities, Rabbi Manes Kogan provides additional reporting, and Nathan Lewin updates us on the lawsuit recently filed by the Brandeis Center against UC Berkeley.

Jewish people across the world have long wondered when and where the next Kishinev, Kristallnacht, or Farhud would occur. The answer (as we correctly speculated during our June 2023 Farhud Remembrance show) was Israel. It happened on October 7, 2023, as Israelis were wrapping up their Sukkot celebrations. Some 2,000 Hamas fighters attacked, killing and raping innocent civilians, kidnapping grandmothers and children, and live-streaming their barbarous acts. Violent pro-Palestinian—and outright pro-Hamas—demonstrations have erupted everywhere, from campuses to streets. Jews across America are beginning to ask the unthinkable question and ponder the unthinkable prospect: can it happen again—this time in America?

Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander, eminent civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin, and crusading Brandeis Center President Alyza Lewin join Edwin for part three of the discussion that nobody ever wanted to have, with special reports by Alan Dershowitz and Juda Engelmayer.

Edwin visits USF for 3 compelling events: a faculty briefing on the Israel-Hamas War; a faculty lecture on Israel and International Law, and, in the evening, a Solidarity Shabbat at USF Hillel.

Edwin presents a briefing for SWJC and community leadership on the Israel-Hamas War.

On October 7, some 2,000 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. Atrocities ensued against innocent civilian children, women, and men. Scores were abducted into Gaza.

Israel has promised to utterly destroy Hamas and its infrastructure with an “unprecedented response.”

Are residents of Gaza innocent civilians? Or are they complicit in Hamas’s acts of barbarity?

Foreign policy analyst Josh Block and international legal expert Avi Bell join Edwin; Rachel Ehrenfeld, Juda Engelmayer, Francisco Gil-White, Walid Phares, Sharon Polsky, and Zalmi Unsdorfer provide additional reports from around the world.

On October 7, 1,000 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. Atrocities ensued against innocent civilian men, women, and children. Scores were abducted into Gaza. Israel has declared war and promised to utterly destroy Hamas and its infrastructure with an “unprecedented response.”

Yossie Hollander, Nathan Lewin, and Alex Traiman join Edwin, with additional reports from John Hajjar, Walid Phares, Marina Rosenberg, and Dor Weiss.