American Concentration Camps … Yes, American

The notorious camps of Nazi Germany have been seared into memory. But it was America that innovated the first concentration camps; first during the US Civil War, and then again in WWI and WWII. Andersonville, Heart Mountain, Tule Lake, and Manzanar will live in infamy. Under what circumstances might we see another camp arise in the United States? Historian Chris Lovett joins Edwin for camps history and analysis, and constitutional law expert Nathan Lewin joins Edwin to discuss the end of the B&J's boycott and its associated lawsuit.

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Today's special topic is the PA's detention—arguably torture—center in Jericho. While torture is illegal under Palestinian law, that has not stopped them from using torture techniques on prisoners, including on journalists. Human Rights Watch reported in 2016 that both PA and Hamas security forces have arrested people for criticizing their respective administrations and “physically abused or tortured them.” Al Jazeera reported similar instances in 2017, plus that “a joint body of Palestinian intelligence agencies set up in 2016 in Jericho has increased the power of the security services because they are working together and reporting directly to the president [Abbas].” And, per an Israel Hayom story dated 29 June 2022, “over 250 incidents of torture at PA prisons were reported in 2021.”