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Lyn Julius

Lyn Julius is the author of Uprooted (Vallentine Mitchell 2018).

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Yom HaGirush, November 30, commemorates the coordinated expulsion of Jews from Arab nations. After the 1948 founding of the modern state of Israel, most Arab nations followed the Nazi model of dispossessing and expelling their Jewish populations, often to overload Israel’s ability to take them in. 850,000 were expelled penniless and stateless. Lyn Julius, co-founder of HARIF-UK, and Elie Abadie, senior rabbi of the UAE, join Edwin Black, author of The Farhud and originator of International Farhud Day.

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Remember the hundreds who died in Baghdad on June 1, 1941—the beginning of the end of Jewry in Iraq. Can it happen again—in Europe or the United States?

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The Farhud—“violent dispossession”—was a bloody, citywide Arab-Nazi pogrom in Baghdad, June 1–2, 1941.

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