Kenneth Abramowitz

Appeared in These Episodes:

Ken Abramowitz and Save the West with the Gross Family Center present an evening of hard questions and straight answers on political antisemitism with Edwin Black.

The Vintage Boys are back for a special Passover edition.We’ll be debating the best whiskey and wine for the holiday as well as the usual holiday topics, while probing current events and history—both recent and ancient. BYOB. Next year in Jerusalem!

Can a multifront shooting war break out? Ukraine, Taiwan, Iran, North Korea. Threat analyst Ken Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, and Hudson Institute geopolitical strategist Josh Block join Edwin to analyze the … unthinkable.

The Vintage Boys are back to bring in the new year—and we can't wait. We’ll be arguing over the best whiskey and wine while probing current events and history—and debating what the year ahead will hold. Jeff Morgan in Napa Valley, Sheldon Freilich in Detroit, Kenneth Abramowitz in Palm Beach, Joshua London in DC, and Zalmi Unsdorfer in London join Edwin. Bring your own libation.

The Vintage Boys are back for a special high holidays edition. This time things are serious. We’ll be arguing over the best whiskey and wine while probing current events and history—both recent and ancient. Zalmi Unsdorfer in London, Jeff Morgan in California, Sheldon Freilich in Detroit, Ken Abramowitz in Palm Beach, and Joshua London in DC join Edwin.

Inflation is back and threatening to cripple the country. Biden Administration spending at unprecedented trillion-dollar levels, as well as Fed policies such as continuous quantitative easing, are creating an economy that some fear could approach double-digit annual inflation. Historically, that means great social unrest and fiscal peril. Threat analyst and investor Kenneth Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, noted day trader Steve Emerson, and others join Edwin to drill into the looming impact of the escalating inflation that has suddenly hit America.

The Vintage Boys are back for a special Passover edition. Jeff Morgan in San Francisco, Zalmi Unsdorfer in London, Josh London in Washington, DC, Sheldon Freilich in Detroit, and Ken Abramowitz in Palm Beach return to the show to argue the best whiskey and wine, while probing current events and some fascinating history—both recent and ancient.

Is talk of a coming “police state” and domestic terrorism overreach warranted? How is China dictating part of our “cancel culture” and the rise of censorship? Is America embarking on an unconstitutional impeachment? Constitutional expert Nathan Lewin, media-savvy crisis manager Juda Engelmayer, Multifront War author and threat analyst Kenneth Abramowitz, political strategist Josh Block, plus noted legal scholar and host of the Dershow on Rumble Alan Dershowitz joined Edwin to discuss what could be next for the “Divided Nation.”

Election Night has come and gone—finally. But who will take the presidential oath of office next January 20th? Mail-in ballot controversies abound. In the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, several county boards have declared they will not begin processing mail ballots until the morning of November 4, even though state law holds that processing should begin at 7:00am on the 3rd. Both candidates have declared that they will only accept the results if the election “is not rigged.” Emails implicating Biden in a robust Chinese kick-back scheme—which he has not denied—have become a hot topic, as has censorship of the allegations by Twitter and major media. Variations in mail-in deadlines among the states—with SCOTUS issuing varying decisions on whether states may count ballots postmarked but not received “on time”—guarantee that we will not know the results on election night, and possibly not until the mid-December date by which time states must certify their counts. This uncertainty will almost certainly spill over onto congressional and downballot races as well. This is going to court. Civil rights litigator Nathan Lewin, top foreign policy expert Walid Phares, JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief Alex Traiman, political strategist Josh Block, top crisis manager Juda Engelmayer, and threat analyst Ken Abramowitz join Edwin to examine the current state of the electoral process.

Edwin Black hosts author Kenneth Abramowitz plus Rabbi Elie Abadie, Senior Rabbi, Jewish Council, United Arab Emirates; Alex Traiman, JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief; Sarah Stern, EMET; Zalmi Unsdorfer, Likud UK; Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy; Rabbi Yotav Eliach, author of Judaism, Zionism, and the Land of Israel; and Martin Barillas, author of Shaken Earth for a special virtual launch event for his just-released book  The Multifront War, which was praised as “stunning and incisive” by Jeanine Pirro.