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Edwin has taken on some burning issues: the Jerusalem Consulate Crisis, the Burlington Affliction, the Ben & Jerry’s Boycott Backlash, the Afghanistan Nightmare, the Durham Investigation, and many others. So, what has happened? Edwin gives an up-to-the-minute update and also accepts your questions live via the Zoom Q&A. Join us for a no-holds-barred Update from the Trenches.

The Biden Administration has long been pressuring Israeli officials to abandon Israel's sovereignty over the entire city of Jerusalem. The first step was opening an illegal and illegitimate consulate to the Palestinians in the heart of Jerusalem. The move has outraged many in the Jewish Community worldwide and the Israeli government. They oppose such a move. Can it happen? What will happen? When will it happen? Brandeis Center president Alyza Lewin, international jurist and embassy analyst Marc Zell, and JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief Alex Traiman join Edwin.

Does the Temple Mount hold Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest Islamic shrine … or Judaism’s single most sacred place—the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant once stood? What does history say about it? Why does Jordan control it? Could Saudi Arabia get it? Biblical scholar Rabbi Yotav Eliach joins Edwin to dig into the surprising past and the explosive present.

We have heard about Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Soon we shall hear about Silwan. House demolitions and evictions make for evocative video. But what are the facts about the property—and what is the propaganda? International jurists Avi Bell in Jerusalem and Natasha Hausdorff join Edwin to dig into the history, the law, and the reality.