Is Israel Ethnic Cleansing?

We have heard about Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Soon we shall hear about Silwan. House demolitions and evictions make for evocative video. But what are the facts about the property and the propaganda? International jurists Avi Bell in Jerusalem and Natasha Hausdorff, plus other top experts join Edwin to dig into the history, the law, and the reality.


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Avi Bell

Natasha Hausdorff

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The village of Kfar HaShiloach at it was in 1891. It was built on an empty hillside on Jewish purchased and registered property to provide housing for Yemeni Jews; it was seized in 1948 by Jordanians and is now known as Silwan.

ZOA demanded president of Yale University condemn resolution falsely accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Read it here.