Israel's 9/11: Gaza—Innocent Civilians or Complicit Population?

On October 7, some 2,000 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. Atrocities ensued against innocent civilian children, women, and men. Scores were abducted into Gaza.

Israel has promised to utterly destroy Hamas and its infrastructure with an “unprecedented response.”

Are residents of Gaza innocent civilians? Or are they complicit in Hamas’s acts of barbarity?

Foreign policy analyst Josh Block and international legal expert Avi Bell join Edwin; Rachel Ehrenfeld, Juda Engelmayer, Francisco Gil-White, Walid Phares, Sharon Polsky, and Zalmi Unsdorfer provide additional reports from around the world.

Show Notes

This graphic and disturbing video records atrocities committed by Hamas early in the course of their attack. We chose to display the video separately, rather than incorporating it into the edited version of the episode. Please exercise viewer discretion.

This website documents Hamas atrocities since October 7. As with the video linked above, please exercise viewer discretion.

Find ongoing coverage of the Israel-Hamas War at The Morning Rattle.

UN Watch have compiled a report that includes Telegram messages showing that “UNRWA teachers in a 3,000-member UNRWA staff Telegram group cheered and celebrated Hamas's October 7th massacre … The UNRWA staff in the group shared photos and video footage of those events and prayed for the terrorists’ success and for Israel’s destruction, in clear violation of UN rules.”