Palestinian Terrorist Salaries Start Again

Taxpayer support for Palestinian terrorist salaries, first promulgated worldwide by Edwin Black's bestselling book Financing the Flames, has just been reinstated. Millions of dollars for murder have been illegally authorized by the Biden administration. Joining Edwin from Ramallah for direct questioning are Qadri Abu Bakr, minister in charge of the Palestinian Prisoner Authority, and Ashraf al-Ajrami, former minister of the Palestinian Prisoner Authority; also featuring Israeli terrorism money tracking expert Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch.

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1 Jul 2023
Qadri Abu Bakr was killed in a car crash.

Terrorist salaries paid by the Palestinian Authority were first journalistically investigated by Edwin Black in his November 2013 bestselling book Financing the Flames.

Excerpt from Financing the Flames

PA Studies Details of Each Terrorist Act Before Issuing Salaries

Edwin Black's Congressional Testimony