Kristallnacht 2.0

Pro-Palestinian activists, antisemitic Progressive Party politicians, and other racist elements are coalescing into a diverse anti-Jewish and anti-Israel movement. Even now, they map the names and addresses of Jewish organizations and individuals. The label “Zionist” is becoming a trigger for exclusion and retaliation. Is this a prelude to a new Kishinev, a new Farhud, a new Kristallnacht in America? Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander and civil rights attorney and Holocaust refugee Nathan Lewin join Edwin.

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Show Topics: Antisemitism
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On Sep 28, 2022, The Wellesley News editorial board published an article calling for “the liberation of Palestine” and extending support for the BDS movement. The Wellesley News is Wellesley College's student newspaper.

On Oct 16, 2022, Noa Tishby, Israel's first Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism and Delegitimization, offered a recap of this week in antisemitism on Instagram.