Israeli Judicial Reform

Judicial reform is tearing Israel apart—to the point of possible civil war. Outside forces and media are continuously stoking the flames.

Legal experts Avi Bell, Alan Dershowitz, and Nathan Lewin plus history scholar Sam Edelman join Edwin to uncover the facts and spell out exactly what's at stake.

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Zman Tikun lays out arguments on the pro side.

In a Mar 28 interview, former PM Ehud Barak repeated his oft-expressed belief, based on political science studies, that a mere 3.5% of the population (about 8% of the adult population) could, by persistent protests, cause a government to capitulate or even fail. See it at 00:04:15.

A video titled “Ehud Barak Instigates a Coup,” posted on Jul 22, 2023 accuses Ehud Barak of having planned everything that is happening now during a 2020 Zoom conversation and includes what the author asserts are excerpts from this call.