Identity Theft: How Arabs Appropriated Jewish Palestinian Identity

For generations, the Arabs of Jewish Palestine denied they had any national identity and that any Palestinian people existed. They rejected the Peel Commission offer of two states. In 1948, the Arabs invaded. Jewish land was stolen—and Arabs voted at the Jericho Conference to be citizens of Jordan. In 1964, with help from the Soviet KGB and escaped Nazis, Arabs expropriated the Palestinian identity. They convinced a world. Middle East historian Mordechai Kedar and Israel historian Rabbi Yotav Eliach join Edwin.

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Images from the 1939 Petit Larousse Illustré (encyclopedia) showing the flags of the world, including that of Mandatory Palestine.

Pages from a 1939 encyclopedia showing flags of the world including Palestine with a Star of David

Mandatory Palestine flag from 1939 Larousse