Josh Block

Foreign policy fellow at the Hudson Institute

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Putin’s nuclear rhetoric has become more bellicose. He is now tipping vassal Belorussian ICBMs with nuclear warheads. Iran has provided hundreds of killer drones to Russia in Ukraine. The US and UK are providing increasingly longer-range precision weapons with devastating impact. Britain is preparing to face Russia on the battlefield. Ukrainian forces may one day soon counterattack deep into Russian territory. A new international quad has emerged: China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea—and they all want to see the downfall of the West. How much closer are we to going nuclear? This is the update we never wanted to give on Putin’s war in Europe.

Hudson Institute geopolitical analyst Josh Block joins Edwin.

Strategic nuclear weapons are regulated by arms reduction agreements. Tactical nuclear weapons—meant for battlefield use, with yields of “only” 1–100 kT … are not. We are already engaged in WWIII. But the question is: what could trigger the nukes? Geopolitical strategist Josh Block joins Edwin.

Today, it’s Ukraine. Who’s next?

Last March, Vladimir Putin moved 90,000 troops to Ukraine’s border. No one reacted. Last July, Putin declared he wanted to dismantle and absorb Ukraine. No one reacted. Last summer, Putin declared the goal of reconstituting the territory of the old Soviet Union, including parts of Poland and the Baltic States. No one reacted. Now Russia has fully invaded Ukraine—as promised.

Who is next? What is next? Polish Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Adam Krzywosądzki and Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow Josh Block join Edwin.

Can a multifront shooting war break out? Ukraine, Taiwan, Iran, North Korea. Threat analyst Ken Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, and Hudson Institute geopolitical strategist Josh Block join Edwin to analyze the … unthinkable.

The crisis in Ukraine threatens to throw Europe—and the world—into widening war and turmoil. We have been here before. Josh Block, Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow, joins Edwin.

Please note: this episode was recorded on Feb 3, 2022, before Russia fully invaded.

For generations, the Arabs of Jewish Palestine denied any national identity. In 1948, the Arabs invaded. Jewish land was stolen—and Arabs voted to be citizens of Jordan. In 1964, the Arabs expropriated the Jewish Palestinian identity. In the 1990s, the Oslo Accords mapped out a two-state solution. Since then, every peace breakthrough has been rejected by the Arab Palestinians. Is a two-state solution still viable? Middle East historian Mordechai Kedar and Hudson Institute Foreign Policy Fellow Josh Block join Edwin.

Unleashing COVID-19. Genocide against the Uyghurs. Collusion with the Taliban. Threats to bomb Australia. Promises to take Taiwan—complete with military intrusions into their airspace. The Hong Kong democracy crackdown. Militarized artificial islands. A proclaimed goal to dominate the world by 2035. Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow Josh Block and Bloomberg security correspondent Eli Lake join Edwin to pinpoint the threats.

Under President Joe Biden, America has just witnessed an inept and humiliating exit from Afghanistan, leaving behind numerous endangered Americans and half a country of vulnerable women, girls, and U.S. helpers. Now the terrorist Taliban, an affiliate of al Qaeda, is in charge. More than that, billions of dollars in advanced weaponry has been left for terrorist groups worldwide including al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIS-K, Hamas, Hezbollah, and unknown terror groups now forming. What’s next for this nightmare? When does it reach America, our allies, and Israel? Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow Josh Block joins Edwin.

The launch of the new, critically acclaimed, and fast-selling book Values That Shape the World by Faye Lincoln. Her work forces us to ask how society got here—and where we are going. Esteemed Rabbi Elie Abadie from Dubai, famed constitutional attorney Nathan Lewin, and  Hudson Institute foreign policy fellow Josh Block join Edwin and the author to confront the issues.

Hear up-to-the-minute military and political reports on Israel’s next big military moves in Iran and Lebanon. Top Mideast security analyst Walid Phares, Lebanese commentator Elie Khawand, and Hudson Institute Foreign Policy Fellow Josh Block join Edwin.