Samuel Edelman

Prof. Samuel M. Edelman, Ph.D. and Prof. Emeritus, CSUC
Academic Fellow of the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies University of Miami, Florida Democratic Party Jewish Caucus Vice President for Issues, VP of Edelman Properties 

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Twenty years ago this week, IBM and the Holocaust exposed with crystal clarity—backed up with a literal tower of physical documentation—that IBM knowingly organized all six phases of the Holocaust: identification, exclusion, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination, all under the micromanagement of its celebrated CEO, Thomas Watson, Sr., operating from his New York office on Madison Avenue, and later through European subsidiaries. IBM has never denied a word of the book. Now University of Miami Holocaust Scholar Samuel Edelman and JNS Jerusalem bureau chief Alex Traiman join Edwin as he shares the inside story behind the global revelation.