Aaron Eitan Meyer

Attorney, researcher, analyst: terrorism, lawfare, 4th gen. warfare, military history, al-Ahwaz, and Orde Charles Wingate. I don’t feed trolls or bots

Attorney, focusing on litigation and appellate practice. Researcher and analyst focusing on the Middle East, Iranian criminality, terrorism, terror finance, lawfare, 4th generation warfare, internet governance, constitutional law, military history, and Orde Charles Wingate. All expressed opinions are my own and not that of any employer or affiliated organization.

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COVID-19 has already spawned a pandemic of personal and group litigation against employers, universities, restaurants, and stores—to name a few. Thousands of lawsuits have already been filed in state and federal courts. Certainly, some claims and compensation will have to be adjudicated, but America cannot re-open and thrive under a litigious scourge. Seasoned commercial litigators Bruce Ogron in Chicago and Aaron Eitan Meyer in New York join Edwin to probe the implications.