Electoral Chaos, Part III

America’s upcoming November 3 election has been thrown into even greater and more unprecedented chaos. Ballot fraud in various states, and massive errors in mail-in voting programs, as well as disparate counting and validating procedures guarantee election night chaos. Republican party litigation to reshape voting procedures and Donald Trump’s unwillingness to state whether or not he will accept the electoral outcome, Democratic vows to not under any circumstances concede on election night, and statements from all sides that either candidate can only lose if the vote is rigged: all of this assures conflict right through Inauguration Day. Violence and militia plans in some states, such as Michigan, Oregon, and Virginia, have threatened to push us to the brink. Seasoned political strategist Josh Block, top crisis manager Juda Engelmayer, threat analyst and author Ken Abramowitz, and other experts join Edwin to examine the controversies and consequences. 

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