Unanswered Questions II

Edwin takes on some unanswered—and still burning—questions. Almost every episode, we run out of time before we run through all the questions. We have saved them, and this episode gives us a chance to at last answer them. Edwin will also be accepting questions live via the Zoom Q&A.  Join us for a no-holds-barred, nothing-off-the-table session.

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A letter signed by 73 The Democrats in the US House Floor calls on Joe Biden to "reverse" the Trump administration's pro-Israel policies, including his peace plan to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict. J Street stated: “This letter from a significant portion of the Democratic caucus, signed by a number of House committee chairs and leaders, sends a critical message to the Biden administration that it can and should do much more to help undo the damage caused by former president Trump and to stop the ongoing deterioration of the Israeli-Palestinian situation." Read it here: https://jstreet.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Letter-to-POTUS-on-Trump-Israel-Policy-Rollback.pdf