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It is the ultimate threat to our freedoms. Who or what will decide where we go, what we buy, and what activities we will be allowed to do? Such a system already rules in China and is fast approaching American shores. Policy analyst Josh Block and computer forensics expert Bob Zeidman join Edwin.

AI is already reshaping how wars are fought. Foreign policy analyst Josh Block joins Edwin for an urgent look at the military impact of AI. How bad can it get?

Rabbi Elie Abadie, Juda Engelmayer, David Suissa, and Zalmi Unsdorfer provide additional reporting.

AI developers—who admit they don't understand how their creations work—have already disregarded most precautions that would make the process and products safer. Many legislators are ill-equipped to craft effective regulations—or even to understand the risks and requirements.

Privacy expert Sharon Polsky joins Edwin for an up-to-date, sobering look.

AI—artificial intelligence—has arrived. Experts everywhere are warning that AI could wipe out 80% of all jobs—and perhaps even civilization. Privacy expert Sharon Polsky joins Edwin to confront the threats and sound the alarm.

Spying, lying, denying, and the dangers of passive consent with privacy experts Michael Geist and Sharon Polsky, who join Edwin at the Canadian Privacy and Data Governance Conference, March 22–23, 2023, Ottawa.

Edwin Black delivers the keynote at Canada's PACC-CAPP’s Privacy and Data Governance Conference in Ottawa: "IBM and the Holocaust—It Began with a Privacy Breach and Ended in Auschwitz"

Spying, lying, denying, and the dangers of passive consent are fast eroding all semblance of privacy. Is privacy the key to central control? Privacy expert Sharon Polsky of the Privacy & Access Council of Canada joins Edwin.

How IBM Co-Planned and Co-Organized the Holocaust—Implications for Today.

Edwin Black keynote at the First International Online Congress on the Right to Protect Personal Data in Rio de Janeiro, livestreamed via YouTube. Edwin's address starts at 6:00pm EDT (3:00pm PDT, 7:00pm BRT, 11:00pm BST).