The United States stands at the political precipice as Democratic and Republican forces along with their allied mass media contend, cajole, and combine to confuse. The future of the nation is at stake. Fortunately, clarity voices join Edwin to break it all down and tear through the chaos.

The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus this week. Edwin, Carol, and Team Black wish everyone a happy 4th of July; we’ll be back on July 14 with an episode that examines the time when ophthalmologists teamed up with eugenicists to improve humanity’s eyesight—by urging the sterilization of everyone with less-than-perfect vision.

Edwin takes on some unanswered—and still burning—questions. Almost every episode, we run out of time before we run out of questions. We save them, and these episodes give us a chance to at last give answers on topics such as politics, energy, genocide, Ukraine, WWIII, and many more. Edwin will also accept questions live via the Zoom Q&A. Join us for a no-holds-barred, nothing-off-the-table session.

The Vintage Boys are back to help Edwin ring in 2023. We’ll review the high and low points of 2022, share our hopes and goals for 2023, and (as usual) argue over the best wine and whiskey for the occasion while probing current events and history both recent and ancient. BYOB.

The usual suspects are back to help Edwin look back at 5782, look forward to 5783, and (as usual) argue over the best whiskey and wine for the occasion while probing current events and history both recent and ancient. BYOB.

Her campaign to eliminate “Human Weeds.” Her struggle to help civilization by eliminating 90% of humanity. Her appearance before the Klan. Hitler’s praise of her closest colleagues. And how Sanger became a legend and an object of adulation in America.

For a time, with a twisted sense of mad medicine, ophthalmologists, from the United States to Nazi Germany, believed that the best path to better vision for humanity was to eliminate the existence all those who wore glasses. Based on a seminal chapter in Edwin Black’s prize-winning bestseller War Against the Weak.

Millions kidnapped and murdered. A continent plundered. A centuries-long genocide which powered the Industrial Revolution. No accountability. Few know the details; even fewer have calculated the magnitude—or the enormity—of the crime, a crime that continues to this day.

The notorious camps of Nazi Germany have been seared into memory. But it was America that innovated the first concentration camps; first during the US Civil War, and then again in WWI and WWII. Andersonville, Heart Mountain, Tule Lake, and Manzanar will live in infamy. Under what circumstances might we see another camp arise in the United States? Historian Chris Lovett joins Edwin, and constitutional law expert Nathan Lewin joins Edwin for today's special topic.

How two ambiguously-worded sentences written in 1899 by murderous regimes have been used and abused to create the fiction of an Israeli occupation of Gaza and the “West Bank”—a fiction which has bamboozled the world for decades.

International lawyer Avi Bell joins Edwin.