He sent American troops to Europe in a needless war to “save the world for democracy,” ensured self-determination for colonized peoples, won the Nobel Peace Prize, resegregated the US to “put Black people in their place,” uplifted the Klan, and then disappeared—his wife Edith acted as president. Heand she—changed the world forever? Who was Wilson?

Edwin takes on some unanswered—and still burning—questions. Almost every episode, we run out of time before we run out of questions. We save them, and these episodes give us a chance to at last give answers on topics such as energy, politics, history, the state of journalism, WWIII, and many more. Edwin will also accept questions live via the Zoom Q&A. Join us for another no-holds-barred, nothing-off-the-table session.

Iran is very close to assembling five nuclear weapons for launch. Israel has promised to destroy Iran’s program—and soon. When will the standoff become the showdown, impacting the world forever? Foreign policy expert and Iran watcher Josh Block joins Edwin.

Edwin Black brings an in-depth presentation on the historical underpinnings of Israel to American University.

Edwin Black visits Ottawa for several exciting events including a talk on IBM and Privacy in the Holocaust at the PACC Conference.

An Insider Briefing for Tampa Jewish Leadership

Edwin Black answers your questions about Iran’s Nuclear Program, Antisemitism in America, Israel and Palestinians, the state of American Jewry, Zionism and Judaism, plus the hot-button issues of the day.

By invitation only.

Edwin Black delivers his riveting ground-shifting probe of Israel and International Law.

Edwin Black visits Congregation Kol Ami to speak on the historical underpinnings of Israel and International Law.

IBM and the Holocaust: The Smoking Gun Documents. Edwin Black reveals the proof that IBM consciously co-planned, organized, and made efficient Hitler's Holocaust. Brought to you by Empower U.

A tough crime-busting legacy mixed with legendary political blackmail, racist subterfuge, and political shenanigans surrounding the fake Trump–Russia case and the Hunter Biden laptop. This forces us to ask the question: Can we trust the FBI?