Yom HaGirush 2022: The Expulsion of Jews from Arab Lands

Yom HaGirush, November 30, commemorates the coordinated expulsion of Jews from Arab nations. After the 1948 founding of the modern state of Israel, most Arab nations followed the Nazi model of dispossessing and expelling their Jewish populations, planning to overload Israel’s ability to take them in. Some 850,000 men, women, and children were ejected—often with only the clothes on their backs. Many have forgotten. We have not. Mideast scholar Mordechai Kedar and Gulf States Senior Rabbi Elie Abadie join Edwin.

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Edwin Black relates the “Inside Story of Yom HaGirush” for JNS, the Israeli Community of Uruguay (en Español) and the Israeli Consulate of Ecuador (en Español).

Iraq in particular discovered the consequences of kicking out its Jewish citizens. 

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