Appears in these episodes:

Edwin Black presents Journalism under Tension: a Q&A session for the University of Łódź Department of Journalism. (University flyer)

Edwin Black presents a briefing for the Jewish community.

Edwin lays out America’s involvement in the Holocaust, from corporate complicity to the documentation of liberated camps.

Edwin visits Auschwitz, Łódź, Kraków, and Warsaw to participate in the March of the Living and to present a Scholar-in-Residence series.

Edwin serves as the scholar-in-residence for the International March of the Living, which gathers thousands every year to Auschwitz to commemorate the Shoah. Join Edwin and his guests, live from the March of the Living in Auschwitz, Kraków, Warszawa, and Łódź, as they remember the Holocaust we know—and ponder the next.

No one dismisses the odious prediction anymore. The dispossession of Jews in America is now lurking right around the corner—chronologically and geographically. If it happens, this is how it will happen; Edwin outlines the potential process step by step.

Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander and eminent civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin join Edwin for part four of the discussion that nobody ever wanted to have (part one; part two; part three). In addition, Juda Engelmayer reports on the massive local Jewish response to a pro-Palestinian agitation rally in front of a Teaneck, NJ synagogue.

Jewish people across the world have long wondered when and where the next Kishinev, Kristallnacht, or Farhud would occur. The answer (as we correctly speculated during our June 2023 Farhud Remembrance show) was Israel. It happened on October 7, 2023, as Israelis were wrapping up their Sukkot celebrations. Some 2,000 Hamas fighters attacked, killing and raping innocent civilians, kidnapping grandmothers and children, and live-streaming their barbarous acts. Violent pro-Palestinian—and outright pro-Hamas—demonstrations have erupted everywhere, from campuses to streets. Jews across America are beginning to ask the unthinkable question and ponder the unthinkable prospect: can it happen again—this time in America?

Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander, eminent civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin, and crusading Brandeis Center President Alyza Lewin join Edwin for part three of the discussion that nobody ever wanted to have (part one; part two), with special reports by Alan Dershowitz and Juda Engelmayer.

For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we honor those who fought back—partisans, ghetto fighters, camp saboteurs, boycotters, protestors, those in suits on streets, those with rifles in the woods. Jews did fight back. Holocaust scholars Sam Edelman and Carol Edelman join Edwin, as does Abe Foxman, who survived the Holocaust among the “Hidden Children.”

Pro-Palestinian activists, antisemitic politicians and celebrities, and other racist elements are coalescing into a diverse anti-Jewish and anti-Israel movement. Jewish locations are mapped and publicized, Berkeley Law School has nine “no-go” zones for pro-Israel speakers, synagogues are vandalized, and Jews are threatened and assaulted every day, coast to coast. The term “Zionist” is often a trigger for exclusion and retaliation. Is a new Kishinev, Farhud, or Kristallnacht coming to America? Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander and eminent civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin join Edwin again for Part II of the discussion that nobody wants to have.

On International Farhud Day, Edwin explores the deadly Arab-Nazi alliance that stretched from Paris to Palestine. Conference of Presidents leader Malcolm Hoenlein and HARIF-UK co-founder Lyn Julius join Edwin.