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It‘s the ultimate threat to our freedoms. Policy analyst Josh Block and computer forensics expert Bob Zeidman join Edwin for another look at the hazards. (See Part 1.)

In addition, four pro-Israel authors describe the “climate of fear” and censorship related to Zionism at the Authors Guild, and ethics analyst Faye Lincoln assesses the situation.

Many of America’s prized cities are in rapid social, economic, and infrastructure decline, reversing a century of rapid growth as they become unlivable. Which cities are failing? How soon? What will it mean? And who will control what’s left? Edwin pulls back the curtain on a frightening reality.

From national necessity to national nightmare, immigration has been a source of American conflict for 150 years. Can we fix it?

Historian Sam Edelman joins Edwin; before we address our main topic, Saudi expert Harold Rhode joins us to give an update on the possibilities of normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Does America need to atone for its past sins with “equity” or correct its future with pure equality? Are equity and equality even compatible? Edwin faces the dark history and the brighter future to see which mechanism should prevail.

How Society Can Fight Back

Urban marauders, retail theft gangs, random violence, anti-Asian and anti-Jewish crimes, carjackings—can we fight back? Michael Moore of The Vigilance Group joins Edwin to go bold.

A few years ago, people would have laughed at those who spoke of a Second Civil War. Today, no one is laughing. More and more people are asking if it is possible—both in public and in private. Unlike the War Between the States, we might see a well-armed, and more often street-armed, splotchy civil war that pits tribe against tribe, interest against interest, jurisdiction against jurisdiction, state against state, urban against rural, military group against military group, and Red against Blue. What can accelerate it? What can slow it down? Democratic political strategist Josh Block and civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin join Edwin.

The notorious camps of Nazi Germany have been seared into memory. But it was America that innovated the first concentration camps; first during the US Civil War, and then again in WWI and WWII. Andersonville, Heart Mountain, Tule Lake, and Manzanar will live in infamy. Under what circumstances might we see another camp arise in the United States? Historian Chris Lovett joins Edwin for camps history and analysis, and constitutional law expert Nathan Lewin joins Edwin to discuss the end of the B&J's boycott and its associated lawsuit.

Biden’s new “Misinformation Governance Board.” Musk and X/Twitter. Bezos and The Washington Post. The legacy media. Hunter’s laptop. The First Amendment. The Harvard Crimson. The limits. The license. The laws. Constitutional attorneys Nathan Lewin and Alan Dershowitz join Edwin—with nothing held back.