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Putin’s nuclear rhetoric has become more bellicose. He is now tipping vassal Belorussian ICBMs with nuclear warheads. Iran has provided hundreds of killer drones to Russia in Ukraine. The US and UK are providing increasingly longer-range precision weapons with devastating impact. Britain is preparing to face Russia on the battlefield. Ukrainian forces may one day soon counterattack deep into Russian territory. A new international quad has emerged: China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea—and they all want to see the downfall of the West. How much closer are we to going nuclear? This is the update we never wanted to give on Putin’s war in Europe.

Hudson Institute geopolitical analyst Josh Block joins Edwin.

Strategic nuclear weapons are regulated by arms reduction agreements. Tactical nuclear weapons—meant for battlefield use, with yields of “only” 1–100 kT … are not. We are already engaged in WWIII. But the question is: what could trigger the nukes? Geopolitical strategist Josh Block joins Edwin.

The existing United Nations, controlled by Russia and China, has been a cesspool of hate, inequities, and failures to promote peace. It is time to create a new world body limited to democracies for a new democratic world order committed to peace. NGO Monitor legal advisor Anne Herzberg joins Edwin.

The most feared thought of our times is now front and center. Moscow says NATO weapons supplies to Ukraine and sanctions escalate and expand the war. Russian nuclear action is at hand. Edwin details … the unspeakable.