Talia Carner

Talia Carner is an author of award-winning fiction.
“Our hearts are with Israel at war, and we pray for all the hostages’ return. We stand with those who recognize evil for what it is, and who suffer the wrath of antisemitism.”

Talia Carner is an award-winning author of six historical and psychological suspense novels that shed light on social indignities and atrocities, including The Boy With the Star Tattoo (2024), The Third Daughter, and Hotel Moscow. Formerly the publisher of Savvy Woman magazine and a lecturer at international women’s economic forums, she is committed to global human rights and has spearheaded projects focusing on the plights of women and children. She lives in New York and Florida.

Appears in these episodes:

It‘s the ultimate threat to our freedoms. Policy analyst Josh Block and computer forensics expert Bob Zeidman join Edwin for another look at the hazards. (See Part 1.)

In addition, four pro-Israel authors describe the “climate of fear” and censorship related to Zionism at the Authors Guild, and ethics analyst Faye Lincoln assesses the situation.