Antisemitism at Duke University... again

After Duke University settled formal complaints of grave antisemitism, communal leaders are astonished and mobilized now that the Students Supporting Israel chapter has been summarily vetoed by campus officials. SSI president Ilan Sinelnikov and top concerned voices join Edwin.

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Show Topics: Antisemitism, Campus, Jewish
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Ilan Sinelnikov

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24 Nov 2021
Duke President Vincent E. Price and Provost Sally Kornbluth announced the student government decision "raised concerns about whether students have been treated in accordance with university policy that prohibits discrimination and harassment based upon national origin and religion, which includes anti-Semitism," and that the university "has identified options for SSI to secure financial and programmatic support" even without student government recognition.

28 Nov 2021
SSI president Ilan Sinelnikov welcomed the administration's move, but believes that the administration can reverse the student governments action and allow the SSI to be "treated just like any other club ..."