Edwin Black on the 80th Anniversary of The Farhud at Congregation Ohav Zedek

Hundreds of innocent men, women, and children brutally attacked, their homes and shops burned, in the heinous June 1-2, 1941 Arab-Nazi pogrom in Baghdad. The beginning of the end of Iraqi Jewry. Farhud means “violent dispossession.” But could it happen again--even in the US. You are invited by Congregation Ohav Zedek of Wilkes-Barre with Temple Israel & the Jewish Community Alliance, plus Beth Sholom Scranton, Sons of Israel, Kesher Israel, and others to be announced. Live reception and refreshments at Ohav Zedek for the big screen event. Send advance questions to Ask@theedwinblackshow.com.


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Autographed copies of The Farhud: Roots of The Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust are available from Edwin Black; paperbacks and ebooks are available from Amazon and B&N.

Visit the Farhud History and Commemorations page for background on the 1941 massacre and information about International Farhud Day.